The guarantee period is valid for 1 year from the day you purchase the product. The maintenance of all your silver jewelery within the guarantee period, stone falling out, color maintenance are done by us free of charge. In all of our products, stone abortions are covered by an indefinite guarantee, it is always done free of charge. Shipping costs of products sent for maintenance and repair belong to the customer.

  • You can take a shower, swim in the pool and the sea with your AG jewelry. Because of the chlorine in the pool and the salty water in the sea, there will be no problem with their color as long as you rinse your jewelry with clean water and dry it. Perfumes, sunscreen, lotions may cause the color of the jewelery to change due to the chemicals it contains, and to prevent this, we recommend that you take care of your jewelery before putting it on.
  • We recommend using special jewelry cloth to clean your jewelry, we can supply it for you.
  • Customers pay the repair fees of broken and broken products.